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WaveSoft is a leading mobile point of sale (POS) innovator specializing in solutions in the restaurant hospitality industry. We offer the mobile point of sale technology your restaurant needs to grow and maintain success.

Because of our 20+ years working with hospitality businesses, we understand the fast-paced dynamic of your operations. We are constantly improving and updating our solutions to match the ongoing needs of restaurant owners. Currently, all of our products operate on Apple’s iOS platform. As the first company in the world to offer native iOS applications for restaurants, WaveSoft has been growing and improving our solutions ever since. This allows restaurateurs to provide excellent customer service by leveraging devices employees are already familiar with.

From small bars and mom and pop restaurants to large fast food chains, trust WaveSoft to streamline your operations and maximize productivity with the latest mobile point of sale tools.

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Generate Recurring Revenues from Our Apps

Explore WaveSoft’s True iOS Solutions

WaveSoft’s emphasis on native technology ensures smooth, reliable and scalable system operations for busy restaurants with a large number of concurrent devices. Additionally, WaveSoft hospitality apps can be offered to independent software vendors (ISVs) as an open add-on solution or a privately labeled app. We offer following three ranges of iOS solutions, all of which are true native iOS apps:


Integrate your point of sale system onto any iOS device with our most popular app: WavePOS. WavePOS mimics the workflow and interface of your existing POS system to produce a tablet POS solution, on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, which you can place right into your servers’ hands.


WaveTOUCH is a mobile application that transforms your tablet or smartphone into a customer facing, self-ordering solution. As an iOS compatible system, WaveTOUCH is mobile centric and allows you to keep your data secure. Provide a better customer experience with WaveTOUCH.


Introduce WaveSoft’s iKDS solution into your kitchen for a faster, more efficient order preparation process. iKDS has a sleek, straightforward design and innovative technology that streamlines your operations and provides real-time cloud reporting.

Simplify your Day-to-Day Operations

Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level with Mobile POS for iOS

Easy Integration

All WaveSoft iOS apps can be easily integrated to third party POS solutions through the WaveSoft Generic Interface (WGI). Additionally, WaveSoft provides free technical consultation for our ISV partners to develop the interface and ensure a smooth transition.

Efficiency & Accuracy

WaveSoft offers innovative mobile point of sale solutions to improve the way your business operates. By implementing our tablet POS for restaurants, you will be able to streamline your day-to-day operations, resulting in greater productivity and accuracy. Our mobile POS solutions can be operated on any iOS device, making it easy for you and your staff to adapt to our systems.

Customer Experience

Bringing cutting-edge technology into your restaurant provides a fresh, unique experience for your guests. This along with a faster ordering process significantly boosts your overall customer experience. Happier customers and more efficient processes equal larger profits for you.

Environmentally Friendly

Introducing mobile POS solutions into your restaurant also has environmental benefits. By using iPhone and iPad POS, you will be able to get rid of paper tickets. WaveSoft also provides mobile payment-processing features that can further eliminate the amount of paper products used by switching to mobile receipts instead of paper ones.

WaveSoft for ISVs and Resellers

WaveSoft for ISVs and Resellers

Generate New Revenue Streams with WaveSoft Technologies

Over the past two decades, WaveSoft has helped global ISVs and their resellers within the hospitality industry to embrace the latest mobile technologies and generate new revenue streams. Leverage our innovative mobile iOS solutions to complement your customers’ existing restaurant point-of-sale systems.

Let WaveSoft provide you with the mobile POS solutions you need to modernize your restaurant, embrace the latest technologies, and generate new revenues.