Introducing WaitTag for Restaurants

Keep Customers Safe While Driving Profits

The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the effects of COVID-19. In an industry that thrives on large crowds, social distancing regulations have been a major hurdle for restaurant owners.

WaitTag is a free-of-charge cloud-based service that offers five essential services for restaurant and retail operations to run smoothly, giving both guests and staff peace of mind amid the pandemic environment.

  • Offer a free mobile web page that connects retailers with their guests
  • Generate an easy-access, unique business QR code and Tag-ID for guests to sign-in and view relevant updates and information
  • Deliver a free digital menu service, without the need for a physical reusable menu
  • Manage your guest list to ensure safe capacity
  • Provide a total line-up management solution that connects restaurants and their guests

WaitTag provides a streamlined, safe approach to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

WaitTag is easily integrated into your POS and can be combined with WaveDish, a self-ordering application, to allow your guests to place orders directly from their smartphone. With these two solutions, restaurants can further reduce face-to-face interactions between staff and customers helping to keep both staff and guests safe and healthy.

How to Get Started

Sign up online for a free WaitTag account using the button below and manage the waitlist directly from your browser. Or download the WaitTag app onto your smart device from:

Or download the WaitTag app onto your smart device from

Benefits of WaitTag for Restaurant Owners

Keeps Guest Safe

When you implement WaitTag into your restaurant, you can effectively reduce unnecessary contact. Making it possible for many restaurants and retailers to reopen.

Boosts Engagement

Guests can sign up themselves, and you can engage directly with your customers. Guests can browse a digital menu on their phones without the need for a physical menu and join a waitlist without contact, ensuring you’re maintaining safe capacity all in real-time.

Increase Efficiency

With the easy-access QR code, guests can scan and be redirected to a free mobile website. Contact information is automatically logged, so you can eliminate lines while gaining customer data.

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Noteworthy Features for Your Business

Easy-Access QR code

Each restaurant receives a personalized QR code and Tag-ID that guests can easily scan to connect with your business.

Free Digital Menu Service

Restaurant owners can easily upload new menu photos, and updates for guests to browse through on their phones.

Line-up Management

Streamline operations by connecting with guests at every point of their experience while limiting face-to-face contact.

Optional: SMS Texting

Notify guests when tables are ready using SMS text messaging, available for a minimal add-on fee.

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