WaveDish: Dining Beyond Expectation

Create a Safe and Relaxing Dining Experience

WaveDish is a mobile self-ordering solution that puts ordering power into your customers’ hands. Designed to maximize processing for dine-in and take-out orders, WaveDish gives you to the option to create your own digital menu. Customers can then be directed to your website either manually or by using a custom QR code, making it easy for your guests to see your options and order easily.

This solution integrates with WaitTag, our guest sign-in and wait management solution, to put WaveDish to work. Combined, guests have the power to redirect to your mobile home page, join a waitlist, order on their mobile devices, and additional functionality. Together, these solutions give you a contact-free ordering and dining experience that prioritizes your restaurant’s and customers’ health.

How to Get Started

Get started with a free WaveDish account, no credit card required.

Or download the WaveDish app onto your smart device from:

Benefits for Restaurants

Easy Guest Ordering

WaveDish makes it easy for customers to find your menu and order when they’re actually hungry. Your QR code funnels customer eyes to your menu and ordering page so they don’t have to search around.

Full Customization

Customize your menu to reflect your restaurant’s unique meals and style. Choose between a list view, or upload images of your food options to give guests the best idea of what to expect.

Remote Service

Guests can order fully remotely, staying true to social distancing guidelines. Keep your staff and customers comfortable with peace of mind that their health won’t be compromised.

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Features of WaveDish

Create Your Digital Menu

WaveDish supports ordering with dine-in, pickup, and delivery options, so your customers will always have their preferred option available. Ordering is simple and effective for your guests.

Personalized QR Code

Present your own QR code to your customers that redirects to your menu and food pages. Guests no longer have to fumble around on multiple pages just to order a meal.

Efficient Data Reporting

Gain access to real-time sales reports to keep your eyes on your business. Your QR code also is able to store customer data for later reviewing.

iKDS Integration

WaveDish can also integrate with iKDS, our kitchen display solution designed to optimize order processing in the kitchen.

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