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February 8, 2019
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The Top 4 Restaurant Trends for 2019

Restaurant Trends for 2019

The future is an exciting time for restaurants, with new technology, processes, and management trends evolving constantly. Staying competitive is becoming increasingly important, which is why we’ve gathered the top four restaurant trends for 2019– so you can make sure your restaurant business doesn’t get left behind.

1. Options, Options, Options

When looking at the restaurant trends for 2019, a trend that keeps on growing is the availability of menu options. Guests want to be able to swap out, substitute, and customize their meal options exactly how they want them. For example, some restaurants are implementing a “pick two” menu option, where diners can customize their meal from a list of food options. Other restaurants are doing a “build-your-own” approach, where guests can pick and choose which ingredients and toppings are used to make their own custom creation.

Consumers in 2019 are also searching for restaurants that give special dietary alternatives to popular dishes. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and veganism are a few of the different alternative diets that restaurants are beginning to accommodate.

2. Exceptional Experience

The hospitality industry is a highly competitive market, with no signs of slowing down this year. That’s why the restaurant trends for 2019 include an emphasis on improving guests’ overall experience.

To keep your business fresh, innovative, and exciting, restaurant owners should look for opportunities to improve the atmosphere and experience of their space. Switching up your food displays or giving your restaurant’s interior a redesign could be all it takes to give your guests a share-worthy experience.

3. Tech Takeover

A trend that never seems to slow down is restaurant technology, and this year is of no exception. It is critical to note the growing technology trends in the industry to find the right tools that will not only innovate your restaurant, but also improve your day-to-day operations.

Kiosks and self-ordering tablets are at the top of the list when looking at the technology restaurant trends for 2019. Self-ordering tablets deliver ease-of-use, an opportunity for customization, and streamlined processes, making this technology an attractive addition to restaurants of any size.

In addition, mobile point of sale (mPOS) is gaining traction in the restaurant industry as an effective extension to your point of sale. With this restaurant technology, servers can take and process orders right in the palm of their hand, resulting in faster table turns and happier customers.

4. Food Delivery

Consumers not only want more menu options in 2019, they’re also looking for more delivery options. The restaurant trends for 2019 include the growth of delivery services for all types of restaurant verticals. Diners are simply looking for convenience– they want to be able to order their favorite dinner on their smartphone and have it delivered to their front door, without ever leaving the house. To do this, many restaurants are either implementing a delivery service in-house, or outsourcing to one of the many restaurant delivery companies. The proper execution of a delivery service allows restaurants to reach new audiences and generate an additional stream of income.

From touch screens to tofu, your restaurant business should be changing with the times to remain competitive in 2019. Contact WaveSoft to learn how our restaurant technology solutions can help you get a head start this year.